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Experts in industrial software, analytical and cloud solutions

Maintenance made easy and efficient.connectavo offers a fast track for SMEs to more efficient maintenance processes. The Berlin, Germany-based company is specialized in software solutions for production facilities to track, monitor and maintain machines, plants and assets and digitizes the entire maintenance value chain. Our integrated Predictive Maintenance Module employs proprietary Machine Learning algorithms that predict more efficient cycles and reduce unplanned downtime.

Clients value especially ease of use and quick setup of the complete solution from connecting sensors and machine to go live. 

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Eric Adolphs
Laurens Schröder
Saba Malik
Yasir Ali
Lead Analytics
Syed Ali Hasan
Lead Front-end
Syed Asad Kazmi
Software Developer
Malik Anas Ahmed
Data Analyst
Masna Bin Umeed
UI/UX Designer